About Us

LOT Team is a Ukrainian-Slovenian based software development company. We are a part of LOT Group, an international manufacturer of the automated systems for various industries, including fare collection systems, smart city solutions, and railway safety systems.

LOT Team was founded around 15 years ago in order to supply software components for the systems that LOT Group produce. Afterwards additional direction of software outsourcing was introduced, in order to share the knowledge and deliver the quality product to third party customers. During our work time we have faced and overcame plenty of interesting task and challenges both with our internal projects and external customers. We are keen on delivering the solutions and we believe that we should spread and share our experience for the best customer satisfaction.

We have developed both complex systems and platforms based on PHP with various added technologies for online auctions, e-commerce platforms, real estate analytics, mobile applications for iOS and Android, and embedded software for banking, public transport and SCADA systems. Although the most successful projects are under NDA we are able to share some statistics. Currently several of our application has 2+ millions downloads on Google Play, our e-commerce platform proceeds thousands orders a day, and the SW in the metro runs 24\7 handling 1.2 million financial transactions daily for almost a decade now with no faults.

The reason to that is the fact that our team consists of high level senior developers, and we use their experience and skill to solve the tasks that you can offer. At the moment our team consists of PHP, iOS, Android and Web developers on the one hand and C++ Embedded developers on the other, accompanied by professional BA and PM that are capable of delivering quality code for any application. As it is complicated to find quality people – we have a limited project capacity, so we are able to work with the ones we believe in, that’s why we are deeply involved in any project we are responsible for. To best suit the specifics of your project, we are highly flexible in offering several modes of cooperation, and always prepared to make an additional effort to make your project a success.

We are looking forward for our new challenge, are you looking forward to a solution as well? If so, get in touch with us.

You can see profile on Upwork by clicking here. Currently it is not actively used, but you can browse our work history there.