Superior Quality of the Delivered Solution

Ukrainian programmers are world-known for the quality of their work. We are firmly positioned in this segment of Ukraine’s labor market and employ the best it can offer. The large number of software-engineering companies in Kharkov promotes a climate of continuous professional growth and allows hiring seasoned developers, QA engineers, and business analysts.

Highly Competitive Prices

Since programmers’ wages and other development-related expenses in Ukraine are significantly lower than those in the West and most other geographies that can pose a competitive challenge, our services are priced very moderately. In addition, we are flexible to discuss the conditions in each specific case.

Favorable Location & Safe Travel

We are located within easy reach from the whole of Europe, and can also be easily reached from many other parts of the world, including North America and the Middle East. Normally, travel to Ukraine is safe, comfortable, and pleasant.

Extra Stability & Reliability

Lotteam is not just one of those offshore outsourcing outfits, hundreds of which spring up and then just disappear after a relatively short period of time. We are part of a larger and well-established industrial enterprise that has been in business for over two decades now. This guarantees stability and offers piece of mind to those looking for long-term cooperation and reliability in their potential outsourcing partner.

Unique Expertise in Automatic Fare Collection & Access Control

We are the software development division of LOT Group, a full-cycle engineering vendor that provides complex, full-blown Automatic Fare Collection & Access Control solutions for transport operators and customers in other industry sectors. LOT Group puts at its customers’ disposal the broadest possible array of payment media and custom-designed hardware. All our previously implemented AFCS are solutions tailored to encompass dozens of factors in varying customer-specific combinations. We know this business from the inside out. In this sense, our ultimate advantage over the competition is that we know what needs to be done to help you implement your AFC project, and how exactly this needs to be done for it to be implemented in fine quality and with minimum expenses.