Web Development Outsourcing Services

The bulk of Lotteam’s service offering constitute web development outsourcing services. We have implemented more than 1000 outsourced projects ranging in scale, budget, and complexity for worldwide customers in a variety of industries. Several international customers have approached us repeatedly and are prepared to work with us again as the need arises. We also pride ourselves on having catered to some of the world-renowned brands and Europe’s premier vendors in their corresponding industries.


Yii framework
Twitter Bootstrap
Amazon Web Services
Twitter API
Facebook API
Paypal API
Realex Payments API

Industry Expertise

Although we have developed a large number of variously purposed web-based applications, we are particularly experienced in the development of the following types of software solutions:

• Custom online ordering solutions

• Travel booking systems

• Custom online surveys

• Voting solutions for online contests

• Social networking websites

• Job board web sites

• Online directories of Real Estate properties for sale and rent.

• Online Real Estate market analysis tools

• Online shops

• Online service marketplaces for different niches

Outsourcing of Software Development Related to Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) and Other Transport Control Systems

As Lotteam is part of LOT Group, a powerful engineering vendor that focuses on access control, automatic fare collection, and other transport control systems, we have been uniquely positioned to acquire profound industry-specific expertise and experience in developing software for the above types of solutions.

As part of LOT Group, Lotteam has developed the software systems for several large-scale projects associated with the delivery and installation of Automatic Fare Collection and Dispatch Control systems in subways. In particular, we have developed in their entirety the AFC and Dispatch Control Systems for the metro of the Azerbaijani capital of Baku, and the AFC systems of Kiev Light Rail (Ukraine), Kiev Urban Electric Train (Ukraine), the metro of Kharkov (Ukraine), and several more Metro Rail systems. We have also developed the software for the access control systems of suburban train stations in the million+ Ukrainian cities of Lviv and Odessa, and the city of Sevastopol.

Cooperation with us is a golden opportunity for any provider of Automatic Fare Collection (AFC), dispatch control, or other transport solutions, looking to cut down on their development expenses and willing to outsource part of their development to a knowledgeable, flexible, reliable, and cost-effective partner.

Whether you are based in Western Europe, the US, Canada, or Australia, you can reduce the development expenses borne by you in-house several-fold by outsourcing to us, in whole or in part, the development of the following parts of your AFC system:

• Turnstile and passage point software.

• Software for validators, on-board computers, and PIS software.

• Station server and zone server software.

• Central server software.

• Report generation and system analysis functionality.

• Functionality responsible for the transmission of data to a customer ERP.

We can also assist providers of tolling solutions and other intelligent transport systems.


Embedded system development can be performed both in pure C/C++, and for Linux, QNX, windows CE, windows mobile, and android.